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Parents Organization (G.G.C.P.O.)

The Glastonbury Gymnastics Club Parent's Organization (G.G.C.P.O.) is comprised of all of the parents of the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club pre-team and team program. The purpose of the G.G.C.P.O. is to raise funds to offset the cost of the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club to the Town of Glastonbury , as well as to raise funds to support the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club gymnasts.

Each year five parents volunteer to sit on the G.G.C.P.O. Board. G.G.C.P.O. Board members work closely with the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club Director throughout the year to help plan home competitions, events, and to vote on purchases and issues that arise. Parents are highly encouraged to serve as G.G.C.P.O. Board members. All G.G.C.P.O. Board members receive ½ off local meet fees.

The G.G.C.P.O Board consists of the following positions: Treasurer (2 positions), Hospitality (1 position), and Consession Coordinators (2 positions). The G.G.C.P.O. Board changes every summer, and anyone interested in volunteering should speak with the Glastonbury Gymnastics Club Director.

Thank you to the 2017-18 G.G.C.P.O. Board Members. Your dedication and commitment is greatly appreciated.

Jeanne McKinney and Tina Fox

Lisa Pearlman

Consession Coordinators:
Danielle O'Connell and Yvonne Westergren